The following is a sample of litigation results obtained by Mary Ann Covone for her clients

Wrongful Death Claim $10.3 Million Structured Settlement ($2.7 Million Cash Settlement) obtained for a six month old baby whose twenty-one year old dad was killed when the driver of a small truck swerved into oncoming traffic while attempting to pass a turning vehicle. At the time this result was obtained, it was the highest Cook County wrongful death settlement recorded for a single minor child beneficiary. This result was only made possible by leaving no stone unturned during the one year litigation process.  During that year, I was able to obtain necessary adverse testimony from company employees during many arduous and contentious depositions, and I selected and presented the right economic and accident reconstruction experts.  Of the utmost importance, I was privileged to get to know the young man who was killed by visiting family members, viewing photo albums and family videos, and attending a military memorial service for the deceased father.  Thus, I was able to present strong evidence of the significance of the loss of the baby’s relationship with her father.


Trust Litigation $1 million+ victory obtained for a client who, as trustee of her parent’s trust, was sued by family members for Tortious Interference with Inheritance Expectancy, Undue Influence, and Breach of Fiduciary Duty. After four years of intense litigation, including contentious depositions of family members, Ms. Covone won a motion dismissing the case, with prejudice.


Drunk Driver Versus Pedestrian  $415,000 Award (Highest possible award combining Underinsured Motorist Policy Limit plus DRAM contribution for bar owner plus waiver of extensive Workers Comp Lien) obtained for a carpenter who suffered a broken arm when, while walking across the street in a crosswalk,  he was struck by a vehicle driven by an intoxicated driver.  After extensive treatment, including physical therapy and work hardening, fortunately, my client was ultimately able to return to his normal duties as a union carpenter.


Auto Collision $300,000 settlement (UIM claim) obtained for a 45 year old woman who suffered a knee injury in a vehicle collision.


Car Versus Bicycle $275,000 UIM settlement negotiated for a 75 year old woman who was struck by a car while riding her bicycle home from the post office in Oak Park.  My client suffered a fractured femur requiring surgery.  Due to her excellent state of health prior to the accident, she made an outstanding recovery and is now able to continue her bicycle riding and gardening as she could before the accident.