Whether you need the legal services of a personal injury, auto accident, workers’ compensation, or estate planning attorney in Westmont, Illinois, Mary Ann Covone, P.C. Attorney at Law can help you with your case. We opt for a collaborative and client-centric approach, where our attorneys work closely with you in every phase of your case, from pre-suit to trial or settlement. We help you navigate through the complex legal system and diligently fight to achieve the most favorable results for your specific circumstances.

Our Westmont Attorneys can get Favorable Results for your Case

The legal team at Mary Ann Covone, P.C. Attorney at Law specializes in a variety of practice areas, including personal injury, workers’ compensation, wrongful death, medical malpractice, workplace injuries, auto accidents, and others. Our aim is to utilize our extensive experience and deep knowledge of existing and new Illinois laws to build the strongest case to enable you to get the maximum recovery for your damages.

We believe in ongoing education and training – that is why our attorneys are capable of responding with the highest level of awareness and understanding, even in the most complex of cases. We are the type of law firm that enables you to handle the repercussions of malpractice, negligence, carelessness, and other wrongdoings in the most hassle-free way possible.

When you come to our law firm for consultation, we conduct a thorough review of your legal issues and evaluate the extent of your losses in order to determine the appropriate value of your claim. We build a detailed case covering all key aspects of your situation to ensure we have enough substance to negotiate with the defendant’s insurance company or present it in the best possible light in court to win maximum amount of compensation. Moreover, we work to resolve any workers’ compensation, healthcare, or other liens attached to the recovery of your injuries after your accident.

Personalized Legal Services You Can Rely On

At Mary Ann Covone, P.C. Attorney at Law, we pride ourselves on being highly responsive to the needs of our clients. We know that you are going through a hard time after sustaining an injury, and understand the importance of your attorney being there for you at all times. That is why every attorney at our law firm puts providing personalized attention to individual clients at the topmost priority. Our law firm has managed to maintain an environment where none of our attorneys are too busy or distracted to answer our clients’ emails, calls, and messages. This is one of the reasons why we are frequently recommended to people by our previous clientele because we treat our clients the way they deserve.

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