Most people in Hickory Hills, Illinois who haven’t already come face to face with the law suffer from the misconception that attorneys only exist to win you compensation when you spill a hot cup of coffee in your lap. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is, everyone in Hickory Hills, Illinois will need a lawyer at least once in their lifetime. Regardless of the size of your net worth, you owe it to your family to secure their futures with estate planning. If you fail to secure your assets in Hickory Hills, Illinois by seeking the help of a qualified attorney, the state could very well divvy up your possessions in a manner that is unfavorable to your loved ones.

You and your loved ones are much better off not taking that risk in the first place. As they say, fate favors the prepared, and an attorney can help you iron out the details of what will become of your estate should you suffer wrongful death or an accident that incapacitates you.

Further Needs for a Trusted Attorney in Hickory Hills, Illinois

The residents in Hickory Hills, Illinois don’t only need a trusted attorney for estate planning, though. After you visit a local attorney for estate planning, you will have someone to turn to in case you experience some of life’s unfavorable surprises such as personal injury, auto accidents, or a slip and fall injury.

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If you live in Hickory Hills, Illinois, contact Mary Ann Covone Attorney at law. In addition to protecting your future from a wide variety of personal injuries, her experience can protect you from nursing home neglect, medical malpractice, and municipal liability.