After a loved one or family member passes away and leaves a will behind, people tend to mishandle their probate responsibilities, leading to a great amount of stress and incurring avoidable costs. In order to prevent all the hassle, people create a living trust that also saves them from delay and breach of privacy caused by the probate proceedings. However, the administration of a trust still requires efficient trust management and accurate distribution of estate by the successor trustee.

Mary Ann Covone Attorney at Law has over 25 years of experience in administering probate estate and trust, which includes offering legal assistance and counsel to trustees and executors in carrying out their fiduciary duties. We allow you to focus energy on looking after your family in this emotionally challenging time, and take the burden of dealing all the complex aspects of probate off your shoulders. With her in-depth knowledge in the preparation and administration of probate and trust, our attorney safeguards your interests, while allowing you to identify and balance the emotional turmoil that arise from disputes in formal probate proceedings.


What can a Chicagoland Estate Planning Attorney do for you?

Our estate planning attorney helps administrators and executors of trusts and wills to ensure the entire process is hassle-free. Moreover, we make sure they don’t have any remaining personal liability after everything has been settled. We assist you in filing final income and estate-related taxes as well.

In Illinois, an administrator or executor of an estate plan has several duties, including doing an inventory, marshalling assets, performing a final accounting, and dividing the estate among the beneficiaries as outlined in the controlling document, which can either be a will or a trust. In case your loved one didn’t create a will or trust, the estate is distributed through intestate succession in the light of Illinois law.


Probate Administration

When you hire our attorney Mary Ann Covone for probate administration and handling related issues, she walks you through the necessary details of a probate process, and works closely with you from the beginning until the end. She takes care of the court filings that are essential for opening a probate estate, fulfills publication requirements, and ensures the legal notifications are sent to beneficiaries and heirs. During the pending period, our attorney advises you on payment of expenses and claims, and helps you sort out other issues.

In the event the probate estate is contested, we will provide aggressive representation to protect your interests. Our attorney will help you with the documents and final distributions for closing probate.


Trust Administration

If there is a properly structured trust in place, it can help you avoid the expenses and time spent in probate proceedings. But trusts need diligent management, especially when it is the only estate planning document present for the wishes of a deceased loved one. Our experienced attorney will educate you regarding different provisions of the trust, help in making distributions, and continually manage it according to the requirements.


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