The world of probate and trust litigation is growing as the greatest generation transitions its wealth to the baby boomers. Like any type of civil litigation, probate litigation involves emotionally charged issues that must be addressed and resolved. Unlike any other civil litigation, the realities of probate and trust litigation typically pit family member against family member and evoke incredibly strong emotions related to issues reaching far beyond the actual matter that is brought to the court.  Thus, an attorney handling probate and trust litigation must have a solid knowledge of the facts and the law and a demeanor that lends itself to keeping tempers under control.  Attorney Mary Ann Covone has extensive experience helping Chicagoland residents resolve their differences through mediation or if necessary, in court, through the litigation process.


What is Probate and Trust Litigation?

Probate litigation involves a dispute related to either the distribution of a deceased person’s assets, the validity of a Last Will & Testament, the validity of a Power of Attorney, or the guardianship of a disabled person or a minor.  These matters are addressed in the Probate Division of the courts.

Trust Litigation typically involves a dispute over the management of a Trust or the distribution of the assets in a Trust.  These matters are usually addressed in Chancery Court.


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