Municipalities are charged with using your tax dollars to maintain public property in a reasonably safe condition for your use.  This includes sidewalks, streets, public parks and public buildings.  The municipality is also charged with protecting the public through their fire and police departments.  Although municipalities like the City of Chicago, Park Districts, and all other Villages and Cities have special immunities from liability, given the right circumstances, municipalities can be held liable for causing injuries or death.  If you have been injured or lost a loved one in any of the following ways, you need to call Mary Ann Covone, an attorney who has defended the City of Chicago, Village of Rosemont and Village of Oak Brook, and knows the intricacies involved in suing a municipality.


Examples of Municipal Liability Are: 

  • Trip and Falls on Public Property
  • Crashes caused by municipal vehicles – garbage trucks, police cars, fire trucks, public works vehicles
  • Paramedic Malpractice
  • Police chases ending in crashes
  • Inadequate response to a 911 emergency call
  • Medical Malpractice in a County or City owned medical facility
  • Medical Malpractice by an employee of a municipality such as Cook County, Du Page County, Will County, Lake County or the City of Chicago
  • Accidents involving Public Transportation


Seek the advice of an attorney promptly because municipalities have special protections allowing a shorter time period for being sued than other individuals or entities.
Contact a Chicago area Municipal Liability Lawyer

Mary Ann Covone, Attorney at Law, knows the ins and outs of municipal liability.  Prior to representing injury victims, she defended the City of Chicago and Village of Rosemont in exactly the same types of cases.  If you have been injured due to the negligence of a municipality it is very important to contact a seasoned attorney and an attorney who knows the special defenses and immunities available to Illinois municipalities like the City of Chicago, Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), Chicago Park Districts, Chicago Public Schools, and other public entities. Contact Ms. Covone today at (­708) ­246-­4911 for a free case evaluation.