About Mary Ann CovaneAfter trying many cases for the City of Chicago as an Assistant Corporation Counsel and representing the Villages of Oak Brook and Rosemont in many cases, I represented injured persons and bereaved families in private law firms in the City of Chicago until 2006 when I founded this law firm. This law firm is built upon the philosophy that clients and their families come first. That means when we discuss your case, our main consideration will always be determining what is best for you and your family. Is it trial or settlement? Arbitration or Mediation? Our goal is to do what needs to be done to take care of your family. Throughout the litigation process, we will demand that you and your family are treated with the respect and dignity that you deserve, and we will take all steps necessary, leaving no stone unturned, to obtain the highest possible award for your particular case.

My trial experience, representing both plaintiffs (injured persons) and defendants (such as the City of Chicago, Village of Oak Brook and Village of Rosemont), provides an advantage to my clients because I can predict what my opponent is thinking and how they are planning their defense. Thus, it is easier for me to counter the defense before it is even presented. Through my years of experience working with seriously injured clients and families with wrongful death claims, I have gained invaluable knowledge of what experts might be necessary to prove your case, and I will find exactly the right expert for each situation.

In addition to my trial experience, I am also a certified mediator and skilled negotiator. Through my 25 year career history, I have successfully settled hundreds of cases on both sides of the table. I will always discuss with you the ins and outs of when it is appropriate to settle a case and when it is best to move forward preparing for trial. The final decision, however, will always remain with you, the client.